Full Home Renovation in Clifton

Another standout project is the full home renovation of a 1920s coal miner's cottage in Clifton. The vision for this quaint home was to create an open-plan living space that harmonises with the cottage's historical charm while incorporating modern amenities. We meticulously transformed the kitchen and living areas, opening up the space to enhance flow and functionality. The bathrooms were redesigned with a Mediterranean-inspired aesthetic, featuring elegant tiles and fixtures that add a touch of luxury. This renovation showcases our ability to blend traditional elements with contemporary design, resulting in a beautiful, cohesive home that meets the client's vision and lifestyle needs.

Darling Harbour Deck Replacement

Recently, we completed an impressive deck replacement project in Darling Harbour. This intricate job involved not only replacing the existing deck but also designing and installing seven new inspection tank lids. The project presented unique challenges with its various angles and curves, requiring precise craftsmanship and innovative solutions. Our team embraced the complexity, delivering a stunning and functional deck that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding architecture. The end result is a testament to our ability to tackle complex designs and provide high-quality, tailored solutions for our clients.


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